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The importance of temperature in injection molding process

Following several aspects related to  temperature limitations during plastic Injection molding processing:
Drying temperature
Barrel temperature
Mold temperature

1. Drying temperature Injection molding processin need to dry the moisture content of raw materials to a certain percentage of the following known as baked material, due to high raw material moisture content will cause the steam, peeling, peeling, crisp and other defects.

2. Barrel temperature

screw from the feed port to the screw head can be divided into the transmission section, compression section, measurement section, each corresponding to the barrel temperature is generally low to high distribution; the other: the nozzle temperature is usually slightly higher than the measurement temperature at the end, and the elongated nozzle is slightly higher than the temperature at at  end of the metering.

3.Mold temperature

Mold temperature refers to the cavity surface temperature, according to the mold cavity of the various departments of different shapes, is generally difficult to take the plastic parts, mold temperature requirements higher, the former mold temperature slightly higher than  core mold temperature, Set the temperature, the requirements of its temperature fluctuations, so the use of mold thermostats, chillers and other auxiliary equipment to adjust the mold temperature


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