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Newly filled plastic floating ball to solve white pollution in farming

    There is a very critical product is the plastic float, the traditional cage culture using wood and foam manufacturing processing, because less investment in the coastal area,this kind of floating ball rapidly development. Cage farm selection of cheap wood and foam float, this cage is very poor ability to wind and waves, one affected by the impact of natural disasters,This foam has become a white pollution, floating in the sea.
    The new type of plastic ball filling, the use of polyethylene (PE) for the main product, filled with polystyrene foam (EPS), product buoyancy, good pressure, resistance to erosion, resistance to wave beat, life Long, when it just came into the market,it has been the majority of the cage farmers to praise.
  Since the development of net cage aquaculture, the white pollution of foam floating ball  with them came. This problem has always been the concern of local governments, It takes a lot of human and material resources to clear.
    When the foam filled plastic floating ball just came into the market, from the source in white pollution. As time goes on,white pollution will be clear,  the seas would once again be blue.
Technological progress makes life better.


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