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Introduce Marine cage culture and EPS filled foam plastic floating ball

    Marine cage culture  is divided into  lake reservoir and sea.It is distributed mainly in coastal provinces.Marine cage culture has a very critical product is the plastic floating ball, the traditional cage culture using wood and foam made of plastic processing, because less investment it rapidly development in coastal areas. 

    Early cage culture used in cheap wood and polystyrene foam, (that foam like ordinary household appliances and other products on the packaging for collision). This kind of plastic float on the wind and waves of poor ability, once by the impact of natural disasters, this bubble floating by the storm into a white pollution, floating in the sea. This has been a difficult problem for local governments. 

    New EPS filled plastic floating ball, the use of polyethylene as the main product, filled with polystyrene foam. This new type of plastic float ball is made of polyethylene raw materials,has great buoyancy, high-performance resistance, and long serving life. People think highly of it when it just came into the market. This kind of floating ball can be reused, service life of t more than 15 years. is the first choice of  floating ball.

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