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Foshan Rui Pu Li Plastic Products Co. , Ltd is a rich pioneering and fighting spirit company, We specialize in plastic products processing, injection molding processing. mold making and plastic product development business. The company always adheres to the “Survive by quality, profits gotten by management, development by prestige.

Company set up model rooms, the existing 32 sets injection molding machine, milling machines, EDM, CNC, cutting machine, Grinding machine and so on. We have our own independent design team, mold making center, plastic injection workshop. We provide one-stop service from product design, open mold,  Injection molding and services. Our honor is to provide customers with superior quality and convenient services.

We serve in a diversified range of industries including machinery, auto Parts, home appliance , agricultural products, medical instrument, electronic parts , consumer goods and other plastic products.Especially in the field of the aquaculture industry, we has developed deep seacage, HDPE platform, PE plastic-covered EPS float and some other aquaculture industry products. our products are  popular among the users both in China and abroad and maintaining a high reputation in the market.

Foshan Rui Pu Li Plastic Products Co. , Ltd  sincere anticipation with yours cooperation, will advance together hand in hand, creates happy tomorrow!


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